About Lost and Found

Almost two lives a week were lost in 2015 due to Domestic Violence.  A lesser known type of Domestic Violence is Economic Abuse. boyandgirlco hope to raise awareness about Economic Abuse and contribute to helping women and children begin a new chapter in their lives.

To help women and children who have experienced Domestic Violence, boyandgirlco have created a line of ethically produced, carbon neutral t-shirts featuring unique, hand drawn artwork designed by local artists to give life to a new social initiative named Lost and Found.

Lost and Found will support women and children who have experienced Domestic Violence. Funds raised through the sale of t-shirts will be provided to women to support them on their journey back into the workforce, while for children, the aim of the program will be to provide them with funds to have positive experiences in their community, such as music lessons, outdoor activities and more.

About boyandgirlco T-Shirts

boyandgirlco  t-shirts are made using 100% organic cotton, ethical practices and are manufactured using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

Each t-shirt features an original, hand drawn artwork by boyandgirlco's resident artist.  These tees are not just be just a piece of clothing. They are a statement of artistic expression and, most importantly, of social good and the highest possible manufacturing standards. 





About boyandgirlco

boyandgirlco was born over a lunch. A lunch shared by Anita and Carlo Krikowa at Kitchen by Mike  in Sydney, which has stripped traditional dining back to a canteen-style experience that is simple, honest, local and organic. Anita and Carlo loved the look and feel of the place, and its vision. And they loved how the décor incorporated raw wood pallets from a former art installation.

Driving home they had an epiphany and decided to change their lives by adopting a similar philosophy - they sold all their furniture and began making new ones out of pallets. What came with it was vegetable gardens, a flock of rescue chickens and a new outlook.  They soon left their corporate jobs and have never looked back. 

It seemed so sensible to reuse, recycle and lead a more sustainable, satisfying life.

Since the company was founded in 2013, boyandgirlco has been supporting its community by donating to the Domestic Violence Crisis Service and Menslink, two not-for-profit organisations that do great work in the Australian Capital Territory.  Lost and Found is an extension of the commitment. 



Domestic Violence Crisis Service and boyandgirlco have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding which solidifies the commitment to Lost and Found. Domestic Violence Crisis Service will manage and distribute the funds raised through the initiative. 


Rebecca Vassarotti is a highly respected and experienced community leader. She has an in-depth understanding of issues related to women and the community sector. She was the Director of the YWCA for over 10 years and is currently running as a candidate for the ACT Legislative Assembly in 2016.

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Q. Lost and Found is about helping women in their journey towards empowerment, why is this so important?  

A. Empowerment is about choice and freedom - something that everyone should be able to exercise. Disturbingly, one of the impacts of violence and abuse that it erodes women's sense of self, confidence and ability to identify the wonderful attributes that she brings to the world. Everyone needs to be nurtured to reach their potential and be empowered and people who have experienced trauma need additional support to rediscover what is special about them. I believe it is essential that as well as focusing on the need for safe shelter and services, we need to to also support women's journey to empowerment so that they can be healed and create a new life for themselves and their families.

Q. Being an independent person yourself, is there anything wise you’d like to share with the women who are a part of the Lost and Found initiative who are on their journey towards independence?

A. My experience has taught me that often when there are big life challenges in front of us we can get overwhelmed and sometime paralyzed. I have learnt the need to be kind and gentle with myself. I have learnt that it is ok to ask for help and ok to accept help when offered. I have learnt that sometimes acknowledging you are not coping is a good thing and once you can say 'help me', amazing things happen, amazing people come into your life an your life is richer because of it.

Q. Why is supporting women on their journey back into the workforce so important?

A. People want to contribute to the community they are part of. An important part of who we are is what we do and what we can share with the world. Paid work is part of normal lives and provides us with the means to support our families, meet our needs and enable us to participate in the community. Supporting women back into the workforce is an essential part of the healing journey.